Next Event : Trasher ” There’s a HERO “

We’re having the first party of the year this month.
We change the venue to spread the craziness around BKK.
so we think we should go EPIC ! and i always want to wear spandex.

Yes !!! Trasher want you to be ” HERO ”

No you don’t have to save the world , just come dance and get drunk
and get laid if you’re lucky .

Dress up is fun and this is gonna fulfill the childhood you missing.

Whatever you want to be

Saturday 29th January

At Sanfran Disco , RCA

9.30 -3.30 ( dance till your pant gone )

200 Baht with one beer

Dress Up prize – Superhero Pop -Up book with a bottle of Vodka

Plus Special Show which will melt your heart

Come save the world with pop music !!


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  • What Is Trasher ?

    We are just a bunch of people who want to have fun. And speaking of fun , nothing can be more fun than pop music. The kind of music that sometime you hate to admit you love it. You gonna sing your heart out when you're alone in your bedroom. But like Madonna said " At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see , I'm tired of dancing here all by myself .Tonight I wanna dance with someone else " . We want people to get into the groove together. Sing and dance along with pop music .
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